Mission and Vision

To ensure resilient cyberspace through development of technology and tools for   identifying cyber threats, protecting systems against threats, detecting ongoing cyber-attacks, responding to threats, and resilient recovery from cyber-attacks.

C3iHub aims to address cyber security with a wholistic approach  --- from analyzing security vulnerabilities  at various levels of system architecture and developing mitigating technology stack, to translating  the developed technology to  deployment-ready software tools, to nucleating start-ups developing these tools at scale, to partnering with industries in this domain  for  co-development and transfer of these technologies, to training the next generation of cyber security researchers and professionals.

Planned activities of the Hub are as follows:

  1. Knowledge Generation through research in partnership with other R &D organizations and institutes
  2. Translational research to develop deployable technology stack
  3. Nucleating a vibrant start-up ecosystem to build tools and end-to-end security solutions
  4. Co-development and transfer of cyber-security technologies to Industry
  5. Knowledge Sharing through new degree programs, certification programs, and scalable training programs to impart knowledge to large audience of students, professionals, executives and researchers